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Miltaburra Children's Centre is a community service for all children birth to 5 years of age.

Miltaburra Children's Centre is a Department of Education and Children's Services (DECD) site and are situated next to the Miltaburra Area School.

We are situated along the Eyre Highway between Ceduna 65kms and Wirrulla 20kms.

Miltaburra Children's Centre has a airy light filled building with spacious indoor and outdoor learning areas. In the outdoor area are large pine trees, lawn, paths, an amphitheatre, play platforms, cubby and plants.

Children turning 3½ are welcome to attend the Rural Centre.

Our staff promote the learning through Play for all children and we encourage our parents to be actively involved with all areas of learning with their children.

We have a playgroup which is organised by parents and is for children from birth to three years of age on a Wednesday.

Contact Information

Director: Denise Watson
Phone: (08) 8626 8086
Fax: (08) 8626 8016
Address: RSD 70
Region: Eyre & Western

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Feedback and Complaints

Let us know if you have feedback or a complaint, or if you want to give us a compliment. Feedback is valuable as it helps us shape our services to meet your needs.

Our parent guide to raising a concern or complaint (word 901KB)

More information

Session Times

Children in South Australia are entitled to four sessions of preschool a week. Their preschool is the eighteen months prior to starting school. Each session is a full day every Tuesday and each alternate Thursday. Children catch the school bus to the centre.

To teach young children and promote a belief in themselves as learners in a play based environment we provide teaching and learning experiences that promote child engagement, wellbeing, positive relationships, confidence, literacy, numeracy, physical skills, healthy eating, fitness, thinking skills and creativity.

Full Day Sessions: 8.45am – 3.20pm, Tuesdays and every alternate Thursdays

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Parent Information

Staff work in partnerships with parents to develop programmes that are responsive to the learning needs of the child and develop the child's life skills. Parents are welcome to attend the centre during the day. Each term two Governing Council meetings are held in the centre, usually in week 3 and 7.

Parents are actively involved in children's learning, fundraising and interviews.

Each Thursday children can order their lunch from the Miltaburra Area School Canteen.

Children with Special Needs are supported through the Eyre and Western area Support Services.

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Playgroup Information

Playgroup is a great way for families to meet each other and for children to play in a safe environment. Each Wednesday fortnight Playgroup meet regularly in the centre from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Lisa Gower is the Playgroup leader and their are various activities available for the children. Parents can meet and chat together

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Occasional Care

In case of an emergency Miltaburra Children's Centre offers Occasional Care. For further information contact our Director.

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Context Statement

The Context Statement provides detailed information about our preschool.

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Miltaburra Children's Centre Context Statement 49 KB Adobe PDF

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